Chingari App Download- Make Short Video’s And Share It

Chingari App Download- Make Short Video’s And Share It (Indian TikTok) Two Bangalore-based programmers named Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam made this app. Which gained a total of 100K+ Downloads within a month, the main reason for its popularity is seld dependant Bharat. From the last few weeks, we are getting regular updates from different news channels that China is trying to occupy Ladhak from India So, for taking revenge we Indians are trying to replace Chinese goods over Indian goods. Let’s have a deep explanation on this topic, So continue reading this blog to know more about it

About Chingari App

Chingari app is all new replica of TikTok, or we can say the Indian version of it. The rival word also suits for this because this app already got around 100K+ downloads in its initial app. We know its hard to call any app TikTok’s rival who is having downloads more than 1,000,000,000+ but if we analyze it we can see this app is having a good response in its initial stage. Using Chingari you can make short videos for your WhatsApp status or even you can download or share it to the world. This app is really good for those who need a stage to show their talent, users can gain easy followers in the there initial stage if their content is of a level. So let’s get into the overview and features of this app and will end this blog with its download link and suggestion in the of Final words

Chingari App Features

A wide range of features can be seen in this app, Its hard to explain all the features so we will try to explain a few which are necessary for the Indian users. So let’s get into the points in which we described the features of this app
Come, Create and Share One of the most important features is, the Indian users will get a platform to show their talent to the world because this app is already having 100K+ downloads in the there initial stage. And most imports as this app is Indian, so you will get the viewers from India basically which is beneficial for your content.
Available In Multiple Languages As we know in India we speak a bundle of languages, And this app is made by an Indian so taking care of these things Chingari App is available in multiple languages Which are English
Easy To Use Indians are not that tech-savvy, So the developers tried to build this app as much easy to use they can. A simple and Ad-free UI of this app makes us use this app without someone’s guide.
Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Indians are stepping towards, and are trying to boycott Chinese goods especially. So by using this app you can boycott the Chinese app TikTok and support Indian to become Aatm Nirbhar.
Download Tik Tok Video Without Watermark Tik Tok videos can also be downloaded from this app, just by pasting the video link in this app.

Chingari App Download

This app is easily available in the play store, but as you are in ApkDunia so it’s our motto to guide our users as much as we can, So let’s have a look at the steps to know how to download this app. We have added both Playstore Link And Chingari App APK Download Link
Download Chingari App From Playstore APK
Install and open the app to proceed further.
After installation allow all the permissions asked by the app.
That,s it The download guide ends here.
Follow the below-given steps to know How To Use Chingari App

How To Use Chingari App

As we told that, Chingari app is really very easy to use due to its simple and easy to use UI. But still, you might face issue to download it, So follow the below-given steps to know more how to use this app
After Downloading And installation from our Download Link, Proceed to the next step.
To start the registration policy You have to agree to the Terms And Conditions of this app
After giving approval to the T&C, Which basically ask permission for reading your cookies.
Next, you have to choose the Language in which you want to use this app.
Once you selected your language, You can a view list of videos.
You can paste the Tik Tok video link in this app to Download it without watermark.
To make you video you have to register in this app, (Click On Video Option On The Screen)
Once you clicked on the option, You have to put your number and have to verify with OTP.
You can also share your video with your Whatsapp status.
That’s it regarding the user guide of this App, Comment below if you are having any issue on it.

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