How To Activate Airtel Caller Tune For Free {Full Guide}

Airtel one of the fastest internet services by Okla, is offering Airtel Free HelloTunes Offer for there users. This offer is already having with the Jio Users where Jio Users can get free caller tune using Jio Savaan Music App. But now the airtel users can also enjoy or take the benefit of this offer, Airtel is well known for its connectivity to the whole of India. We can find airtel signals all over India whether its village or city, Its true that signal or speed may vary with airtel but we can assure good connectivity from airtel. So let’s get into deep details of this offer, So continue reading this blog


Airtel Caller Tune is the same as the Jio Caller tune which we used to get from Saavan App. Here in Airtel, you have to Wynk Music app to set your favorite caller tune. The best part of this offer is you can set an unlimited free caller tune, But in Jio they have restricted the number with 1. Airtel is always known for there best offer, Currently, Airtel Free HelloTunes Offer
is striking the mind of Jio users. So guys enjoy all the new songs as your caller tune, Just by following the steps which we have described below.


It’s easy to get all the features without describing it, But for the convenience of our users, we will try to explain all the beneficial features of this offer. So continue reading the blog to know more
Free To Use The whole scheme or offer whatever you call is free to get, You don’t need to pay any single penny for the offer. It means you will get a free unlimited caller tune.
Unlimited Caller Tunes We have seen Jio have changed the number of caller tune changing to Just 1, But here in airtel, you can change caller tunes for unlimited times.
Wide Range Of Caller Tunes Jio used to restrict the change in caller tune with some songs, But here in Airtel, you can use any song to create your hello tune.


Its very simple to activate your free caller tune in Airtel, But as you are our valuable customer so it’s our duty to explain and work to clear all the doubts. So follow the steps below to know more about activating the offer
Download Wynk Music App To Proceed From Here
Next, install and open the app to go further.
Enter your Airtel Mobile number to register.
Complete the registration process by verifying the OTP.
Open the Dashboard of the App and click on Airtel Hello Tunes from left Top Corner.
Next, you have to Click on Activate to get Free Airtel Hello Tunes on your number.
Now select the song which you want to use as a caller tune.
That’s it change the caller tune as per your mood.

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