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To play the addictive game Prison Empire Tycoon for Android, you must first upgrade and remake your prison. There are many aspects to consider when upgrading your prison, including keeping the cells clean, ensuring security systems are in place, and keeping staff and prisoners without need. Keeping your prison clean is crucial to avoid riots, mass fights, and escapes. In this article, we’ll provide you with a quick guide to playing the game.

A guide to playing the game

In order to be successful in this game, you need to manage your resources efficiently. Among the most useful tools in the game is the statistics page. Located at the top right corner next to the Missions tab, this page shows you your current balance every hour. The amount of money you earn per hour is shown in green and red. It varies according to the number of occupied cells and security levels of your prisoners.

Before you begin upgrading your prison, you need to first upgrade your facility’s electricity and water supply. Moreover, it will help keep the prisoners happy. This process can be done by upgrading one of the prison’s unlocked facilities. The best way to do so is to upgrade the admissions area first, and then move on to all other parts. Once you upgrade each facility, you can unlock new sections. After upgrading, you need to plan your next building, so it doesn’t run out of water or power.

Another essential tool in Prison Empire Tycoon is the cards. There are three types of cards in this game: character cards and prison guard cards. Character cards give you additional buffs, such as increasing the health points of your prison guards. The others help you earn more money in the carpentry workshop. These cards can be obtained in the game’s shop, or by purchasing chests that contain gems. The infirmary facility is another useful tool. Using this facility will cure many prisoners and increase your profits.

In addition to upgrading your prison facilities, you can also hire new staff. You can hire them cheaply, and their salaries will increase over time. Adding items to the cells will also boost the mood of your prisoners. Adding a new staff member to your prison will help you increase your profits. Just make sure to watch the ads and invest in the right people. This will help you become a better manager.

In Prison Empire Tycoon, you can add and remove different features to your prison yard. By adding them, you can improve the health, comfort, hygiene, and entertainment of your prisoners. You can add these facilities to the prison by selecting the symbols that represent these needs. You can add more features, and improve the prison yard to provide these benefits to your prisoners. A good guide to playing Prison Empire Tycoon will give you the best possible strategy for your prison.

A guide to managing a prison

There are many ways to make your prison better. You can upgrade the facilities for your prisoners and increase their mood. Upgrade the control rooms and locker rooms of your prison. Also, you can install security cameras. These improvements will enhance the security of your prison. Once you’ve done all of that, you can begin hiring new employees. Here’s a guide to managing a prison empire in Prison Empire Tycoon.

To manage your finances effectively, keep track of the prison’s stats. Each type of prison has its own set of statistics. The stats will help you keep track of your finances and make better decisions. Keep in mind that prisoners also follow a schedule. You can access the information page by tapping the Info button in the upper right corner. The balance will also be displayed there. The statistics page allows you to see the performance of your prison.

Upgrading your prisons will keep your prisoners happy and improve their mood. Try to upgrade one facility at a time. Start with the admissions area and progress through all the other parts of the prison. Once you’ve upgraded one facility, you can upgrade the others and unlock new sections. Buying more batteries will help you upgrade your facilities. Purchasing more batteries is a good way to upgrade them all.

As a prison manager, you must provide humane lock-up conditions. To improve the quality of life for your prisoners, you should hire guards and build showers. Keeping the prison clean and comfortable is important for improving the prison’s overall stats. However, you should also take note of riots and other problems that may come up. These can cause a lot of trouble for your prison, so you should prepare accordingly.

If you’re looking for a guide to manage a prison empire in Prison Economy Tycoon, this is the right guide for you. This game simulates the prison industry and is free to download on iOS and Android. It is also available on Facebook. If you’re interested, try it out today. This game can be a valuable investment if you take the time to build it.

A guide to upgrading

To get the most out of Prison Empire Tycoon, it is important to know how to upgrade your prison buildings. Some are more expensive to build than others, and some have specific bonuses. You can upgrade prison buildings to increase your income per hour or to process prisoners faster. As your prison grows, you will need to hire more employees to keep it running smoothly. Luckily, there’s a guide to upgrading your prison buildings that will make this task much easier.

The first thing you need to know about upgrading is how much each building uses. You should check the power and water counters at the top of the playing screen to see how much each building consumes. New building dialog windows, objects, and services all use water and energy. You can tap these counters to get more resources and increase the amount of energy. Explore the map to find an electricity room and water pump station. If the water and power counters are full, it means that your prison needs upgrading.

Building new prison blocks isn’t easy, and you might find yourself in a situation where you’ve run out of resources. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for them to recover, so you can save your money during times of prosperity. The money you save now will help you upgrade your prison buildings later, which will bring in more profits. If you want to upgrade your prison buildings quickly, you can also make use of the money you earn from selling prisoners. If you need to buy more blocks, you can do so by purchasing more power generators.

Increasing your prison’s security is an important part of the game. While you can hire more guards and upgrade them with money, you should consider the number of employees you hire. Too many employees can lower your profit. Incorrectly fulfilling a prisoner’s need may lead to a riot, which will reduce your earnings. You can prevent this by improving security measures and meeting their basic needs.

A guide to hiring

A good strategy for building prisons and ensuring that inmates are happy is to carefully manage the number of employees and their wages. Overstaffing can lead to riots and lower earnings. In Prison Empire Tycoon, you’ll find that the Statistic icon shows the amount you are spending and earning per hour. Keeping track of your salaries and other expenses is important to ensure that your prison stays profitable.

Another aspect to consider when hiring guards is the number of prisoners. Having a large prison will mean you need to hire more guards. The higher the prison’s capacity, the more guards you’ll need to keep the prisoners safe and quiet. You’ll also want to hire guards for each cell. This will cost you money, but they’re worth the effort. In addition, they’ll also help you with reforming inmates.

If you’re not careful when hiring employees, you’ll run the risk of burning out your profits. Fortunately, there are four types of employees in Prison Empire Tycoon. If you’re unsure of which type to hire, read the hiring guide below. These positions are the most lucrative and will help you build your prison. There are also many perks for each type. However, you’ll need to pay them properly to keep them happy.

Another way to increase your profits is to hire a janitor. Janitors don’t have a schedule, so they’re available during early morning and late at night. Keep in mind that hiring too many guards can cut your profits. If you don’t fulfill the needs of the prisoners, you’ll have riots. Increasing security and satisfying their needs will stop riots and increase your prison’s profits.

If you want to keep the inmates happy, you can hire janitors to clean up the mess. Prisoners are notorious for littering, so you should hire as many as you can afford. In addition, you can upgrade the cleaning equipment and products to improve security and reduce the risk of riots. Lastly, hiring guards is essential because a prison can’t run smoothly without staff. There are several advantages to hiring janitors in Prison Empire Tycoon.

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